Riverside Recycling Facility

Monday through Saturday 7:30AM – 3:30PM
Holiday Schedule


Price Per Ton
$25.00 Minimum Fee

(Wood waste including tree trunks, limbs and branches)
(Green waste including grass, leaves, garden debris)
Cardboard (Clean, No Styrofoam, Packing Material or Trash) Per Pick-up Trucks Worth$25.00/Load
Inert Materials (Brick, Stone, Gravel, Pavement, Small Concrete, no paint/stains)$40.00/Ton
Hard To Handle Concrete (Oversize Clean Concrete with wire or rebar, no paint/stains)$100.00/Ton
Non-Recyclables/Mixed Loads$165.00/Ton
Clean Roofing Shingles (NO Flashing, Wood, Paper, Plastic, etc.)$140.00/Ton
Certified Weight$30.00
Box Spring (Any size but splits count as multiple)$45.00 Each
Crib/Single Mattress/Gym Pads$45.00 Each
Twin/Full Mattress$45.00 Each
Queen Mattress $50.00 Each
King Mattress$55.00 Each
Pricing Subject to Change Without Notice. Rev. 04/03/24

Special Fee ItemsPrice
Residential Freon Appliance$50.00 Each
Commercial Freon Appliance$75.00 Each
Non-Freon Appliance$14.00 Each
Auto Tire off Rim $20.00 Each
Auto Tire on Rim $35.00 Each
Truck Tire off Rim $60.00 Each
Truck Tire on Rim $80.00 Each
1 lb. Camper Propane Bottle$3.00 Each
5 – 20lb. Propane Tank / Grill Bottle$25.00 Each
25 – 100lb. Propane Tank$75.00 Each
Residential Fluorescent TubesNo Charge
Commercial Fluorescent TubesFirst 10 free then $1.00/Foot
U-Shaped / O-Shaped bulbs$5.00 Each
Residential CFLsNo Charge
Commercial CFLsNo Charge
HID Lamps$5.00 Each
Ballasts / Capacitors$10.00 Each
Mercury Devices$7.00 Each
Fire Extinguishers$17.00 Each
Smoke Detectors / CO2 Detectors$17.00 Each
Residential Console TVs$35.00 Each
Commercial Console TVs$75.00 Each
Residential Non-Console TVs$20.00 Each
Commercial Non-Console TVs$40.00 Each
Residential Monitors$20.00 Each
Commercial Monitors < 17″$40.00 Each
Commercial Monitors > 17″$45.00 Each
CPUs and Laptops$20.00 Each
PC Peripherals$5.00 Each
Desktop Office Equipment$10.00 Each
UPS Units$10.00 Each
Automotive / Lead Acid Batteries$8.00 Each
Small Batteries$0.75 Each
Pricing Subject to Change Without Notice. Rev. 04/03/24

Household Hazardous Waste (Oil Paint, Stain, Gas, Oil, Fertilizer, etc.)

Collections accepted on 1st Saturday of each month April – November only

Liquid $6.50 per gallon
Dry $3.50 per pound (lb.)